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Because of overflowing work load these past days, I didn’t find anytime time to do strips or post some.
Very stress at work.
I’ll try to make it up…



12-3-2012 Ikabod Willie

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New Strip from your Daily Stripper giosdesk! Stripping Daily! Enjoy!

Tribute for Mr. Nonoy Marcelo co-Tamarraw and co-Advocate! with his creation IKABOD bubwit (little mouse)
and my take on Mickey Mouse’s Steamboat willie…

11-29-2012 After Capacities


New Strip from your Daily Stripper giosdesk! Stripping Daily! Enjoy!

What place did the kids go? Cartoonland?? The art style is base on the mickey mouse art style of the 60’s or pretty much every other cartoon at that time. Pretty much I’ll do some different art style on this story.


Last night me and the wife went on a date, we went to Up Dharma Down’s album launch.

It was EPIC!

It was a full house, they have to close down the gates of One Esplenade. The venue is much bigger from the BIPOLAR launch. We really had a good time. Congrats to the band and more power! Too band we didn’t get the chance to sign our CD and Poster because of the line of people. We also have work the next morning. I’ve been listening to the CAPACITIES album the whole day. It’s more of an enjoy listening than the past two albums.

My paborito is Indak, Feelings and Turn It Well. You should grab a copy of their album.

well fist bump!